January 7, 2012

CroNIS Project Information

TITLE:Critical analysis of the National Innovation System in Croatia and its suitability in fulfilling the Copenhagen economic criterion (CroNIS)


  • To examine the mechanisms within NIS that provide the link between policymaking and functioning of NIS
    • Capacity of NIS to provide information needed for evidence based policy making
    • Existent monitoring and quality assurance systems
  • To draw conclusions about most critical issues that impact the ability of policymakers to utilise Croatian NIS in order to support economic competitiveness
  • To offer solutions and recommendations that can lead to stronger links and improved information flow between policymaking and functioning of NIS


PROJECT TEAM:  Vlatka Petrović, Eli Mohamad, Marko Sever

CONTACT: Vlatka Petrović,, Eli Mohamad,