About Us


…  direct action for a knowledge-based society…

Society znanost.org in short

Society znanost.org was founded in 2002 by Croatian scientists, professionals and expatriates as a non-governmental organisation whose function is to promote education, science and knowledge-based values in the society through direct action. Our final goal is to influence the system of basic values.

With a hands-on approach, we have organised educational programmes, published scientific journals, prepared workshops for scientists and science journalists. We founded an internet portal that connects scientists and professionals with the government and the media. And we are not going to stop here…

Croatian society is small and tightly knitted; hence it represents a good ground for the building of a knowledge-oriented mentality. We aim to make our experience a useful reference for other developing societies.

Our values:

  • personal initiative and personal responsibility, reflected in project based organization
  • cooperation and competence as the highest value
  • unhindered discussion
  • transparency and universal access to information, knowledge and education.

Our activities:

  • network building for knowledge professionals; reversing the brain-drain into the skills-gain
  • publishing: scientific journals, books, popular articles
  • education and science communication
  • promoting our mission at the policy making level
  • expansion of our experience and activities into other developing societies


Contact: ured at znanost dot org